the beginning of the journey

Defense League tries to sabotage the undertaking: I'm still half-zombie in the morning and throut is kind of sore.
I have to admit that this field training had some useful sides. I know now that I have to get a mosquito spray in a small orange bottle and a mosquito net. The salesman in Jagdhof knows without asking what I want. The guys in Matkasport-store tell that in Lapland mosquitoes are poisoned from airplane, otherwise they eat the raindeers. Wow. Imagine how a mosquito flies, a raindeer in its mouth.
To make a stylish start, I walk to the harbor. I get there 31 minutes before departure. You have to be there half an hour before.
In Helsinki people drink champagne sitting on grass. I join them with an ice-cream after visiting the academic bookstore.
The train. Three of us in the sitting-car, besides me a man, dressed all in fjällraven, and one afrofinnish woman.
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train and bus and start of trail

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