At noon most of the floor is covered with things and gadgets. Most of it is food.
There is food in Iceland but not everywhere. Especially is no food were there are no people. And there are a lot of such places in Iceland.
17 minutes before I planned to call a taxi it is clear that it doesn't fit. Into the new backpack. The old one comes down from upper shelf of the cupboard and with 15 minutes is all the cargo in there. All things already know where they should be.
I want to test Uber but Uber doesn’t come. Taxify driver talks about his travels in Norway.
The first luggage scales show that tripod is too much. But they only let people go to Berlin from there so I go to another counter. Now I fit inside the limit. Backpack loses weight with carrying. Additional weight is added by the borrowed tent which is over two times heavier than my own tent.
The airport consistently wants to communicate in English with me. Check-inn, security check and airplane door. What the f…? A young man in the next table in café ineffectively tries to catch the attention of his phone-stoking companion. In German.
I start with the book of Andri Snær Magnason and exiting the airport the whole world is already different.
Outside is a tiny plane with strange writings on it. Doubtful if it stays up in the air until Munich. There’s nothing better in sight so I climb on board. Difficult times. Not clear what language should be used to talk to the stewardesses. Estonian newspapers.
Someone has found a whole planeful of Chinese from Munich and together we fly following the sunset. The already darkened evening goes light again. Chinese are stunned.
I wake up when we touchdown in Keflavík. The weather is dim and cool. Birds sing. Although the Germans claim in many languages that it’s half past three it is still midnight.
With flybus to the bus station and from there it’s about a kilometer to the hostel. I walk. 20 kilo weighing backpack makes sure that it will be hot soon. Luckily I don’t have to carry everything with me on hikes.
I have booked a place in dorm with 24 places. The others have not stayed up waiting for me. Two guys are moving out and waving torches we look together for free beds. The habit of putting the torch in an easily accessible place is always welcome, even during a polar day.
towards North

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