towards North

The whole night people continue to go in and out of the room and rustle with their luggage. So I wake up voluntarily half an hour before my wake-up call.
A smart decision. The 800 krona hostel breakfast seems meager so I decide to eat in the airport. Another smart decision.
Google maps directs me to the airfield but not to the airport. It appears to be on the other side of the airfield. Good thing that airfields are not big here. Trivial two kilometers and half an hour. Exactly the time that I got up earlier than planned.
I'm discriminated against in the airplane and don’t get a newspaper. The book is also taken away because I sit in front of the emergency exit and have to put my bag in the overhead locker.
Landing in Ísafjörður is an experience in itself. It goes like this: video.
A small red bus takes me and another passenger to the 'center’. Hostel room is not ready so I take some necessary stuff and go explore the surroundings. It’s sunny with very little wind.
In harbor are Arktika and Siggi. Siggi lets me know that the weather forecast promises not much wind and calm sea and thinks that I have time enough to go kayaking tomorrow. Get a voucher from a travel agent and some more good weather forecast. Since at home I had at some point already decided to skip kayaking then now I have to figure out how to make my camera waterproof.
I stock up with sandwich, chocolate bun and drink to drag myself up a mountain accompanied by gurgling water, bird song, sunshine and wind. There are dandelions, lupines and snow. I walk for six kilometers, sit then behind a rock for wind shelter and consume all provisions. What a pleasure.
Continue a bit more until the road ends and then back down. Sportsmen have appeared.
Further tasks are hanging around in the town, communication, dinner, hygiene and concentrating on tomorrow’s logistics. I’ll be back in network on 25th of July, on the day of Iceland's presidential elections.
on the water and more water

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