back on land

The ship is turned right in the night. Last night's tilt in the toilet was clearly for the advanced.
Outside is some sun, a few whales and dolphins and an improvised gym. First sightings of land. The arrival is a bit delayed though and Dominic will miss his plane.
As soon as we have arrived network area, locals dig into their phones. News are about presidental elections and football. In the oposit order. Siggi and predict especially lousy weather for me for next five days. I prefer to ignore them. It was to be expected that there is going to be some kind of weather in Hornstrandir.
Saying goodbay in the harbour. Some stay in the boat. They probably don't want to find out that the land is swaying. The trouble of travelling with other people is getting attached to them. I will miss each and every one of the guys, at least for some time. And remember the jokes. We meet with Erling and Marcus for a beer. Well, three beers and live music. After that a long shower.
on the way more back
Látrar-Atlastaðir, 17,89 km

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