on the way more back

At about in the middle of the night the tilt is shifted to the other side and there is a strong danger to slide out of bed now. Previous angel was better because I could just sleep half way on the wall.
I finish the ghost story and continue with a book about trees. In English for a change. Just some small bits and pieces about nature, culture and history of England. A slow book which doesn't force you to galop through the pages to find out what happens next.
Otherwise it's an ordinary day with a stable side position. My nose seems to be falling off piece by piece. People walk sideways and fall somewhere sometimes.
There is supposed to be 25 degrees hotness in Iceland. In some strange way bits of information drip through the curtain of un-civilization.
Siggi performes a wonderful pizza in the tilted kitchen. It is consumed quickly without much talk. He has been the grand chef of the tour all the time.
on the way back
back on land

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