back to civilization

I wake up in the morning according to the boat schedule. Just in case.
Pack and wait. I've got a splinter. Where is Vidar now with his brutal knife operations?
Just when I take a book something white appears at the entrance of the bay. Readers' law: when you start to read to kill time, the thing you are waiting for arrives.
Many people come on land and zodiac is operated by the same round guy who was there when I went off the boat in Látrar. Some hikers are in the boat, going to Hesteyri. They look clean and dry. Yet.
I ask the captain about the doctor's house. He knows the ghost story. Try to figure out where it could have been possible to drop a stone on foot of Katrín. The captain voted for Halla during presidental elections but still Guðni won.
Long drive back to Ísafjörður. Stripes of blue between clouds which have a shining edge and mountains come with whipped cream hats.
It's cold in Ísafjörður and a lot of tourists. Smell of used socks is following me and I try to escape jugling between solid mass of tourists. Maybe I should hang wunderbaum to my ears.
In hostel I ask if they have a single room available. The girl in reception claims that hostel is fully booked and I have to get the key to the separate house from Hótel Ísafjörður. New system. When I ask the hotel about a separate room then there is one in the hostel. I think I've earned it. Lady in hotel reception concludes that since I'm alone in a double room so I should pay single room's price. Logical. Most accommodations don't follow that logic. But the room will be ready after an hour. I can drop off my backpack together with the smell in the room where some of my stuff already waits.
Now I have things to do anyway. First to the bookshop. Two parts of the trilogy are there but I leave them until I'll have a car for transporting my travel library. Take only 'Breyttur heimur'. Then tape from gas station for repairing backpack cover and newspaper for putting into my boots. Can't figure out where needle and thread might be sold. Lunch in the Asian place. The man at the counter gives me a small portion of rice without asking anything. Unfair. And coffee in the bakery.
Gather all my stuff from the hotel and back to the hostel. I get Marcus' room. Throw my things all over the place and go to shower with all the socks. Big dose of internet. Dinner, beer. The restaurant harrasses people who are alone (and where is the man who is responsible for you?).
Hornvík-Veiðileysufjörður, 11,76 km
on wheels

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