Hornvík-Veiðileysufjörður, 11,76 km

In the morning everything is wet again. Tent and weather.
Can't decide what to do. Pack up and leave for Veiđileysufjördur hoping that it's without rain there and tent will get dry by bed time? Wait for the tent to dry here and go walk in the evening? Stay here one more night and pack the tent then as it is without the need to put it up again? The ranger is gone somewhere and I can't ask about the weather forecast. Right now it looks rather hopeless with dark cloud halfway to the ground.
Sit in tent, translate some blog entries into English. Decide then to go and record the rock stacks we saw on the way from Hlöðuvík. If it will rain then I'll stay here for the night. If not then tent will probably be dry and I'll go in the evening. It's only 10 km and only one ascent.
The rope trick is not new anymore and goes swiftly. I jump from stone to stone interrupted by photo stops. Rock wall is full of nesting birds and dripping water. Big rocks look like limbs of some prehistoric animals were laying around on the beach. When I can't go any further then I go back on stones that are already familiar. You can always find stuff on a beach. Like stones in different colors and seashells. Some seashells have grouped on seaweed. Seems like it wouldn't rain.
Back to the campsite I find the ranger. It should start raining in the evening. Real rain, not like now. When a local says real rain then this is to be taken seriously. I pack up and leave Hornvík at about four. This everlasting day doesn't motivate much on time management.
Infinite ascent starts after initial grassland. On first part of the mountain sun patches and lot of winding water are visible below. Then everything disappears into fog. Or cloud. Difficult to make a difference betweet these here. The kind of bad visibility that makes mountains topless most of the time.
The system with mountains here is such that after an ascent comes a plateau and then next ascent. At least two ascents per mountain. The plateu is surrounded by waterfalls from three sides. A bird whistles, makes a few circles, sits on a stone, lets me to look at it, whistles again and leaves into fog.
At first it's possible to make out something about the landscpe but soon most of it disappears. Like in a dream. Especially on snow patches. White on all sides. Difficult to understand if my eyes are open or closed. A trail of muddy footprints starts off in the beginning of snow and as snow has cleaned the boots the dirty trail disappears into nothing. Without gps I would definitely be lost.
After a very long time in fog thicket descent starts. The endless white wall Patrick talked about. Some footprints but these divert from the gps trail. Snow is a bit soft but still it's slippery. And tilted. Slam feet into snow. Finally a patch of stone. And next one. And then a crain becomes hazily visible. I've developed a skill to distinguish outlines of crains in complete unvisibility and find traces of footprints and trail on rocks.
It goes faster downslope. Some jumping over water. Some very long jumps. Visibility is recovered and again there is something to photograph. Bay is dimly visible below.
A hiker. He asks about my day, came with the evening boat. Someone who starts even later than me. Has just seen how I skillfully jumped over water from high rock, he is left to wonder at water's edge because it's much more difficult to jump from below up to the rock. Someone has carefully put two broad stones over a very narrow stream. After all that was. On the left a huge waterfall gathers strenght like summarizing all the water I've experienced here.
Some tents below. A rather big group which arrived just now. I continue to the official campsite and am alone there. Finally an apartment with seaview. Not much hope of someone having booked for the morning boat. The boat only comes when someone has booked it to here or out of here. I have a booking out of here for the evening boat. But I was still right and there is a morning boat option as well.
Slight drizzle and small blue spot in the sky. How little one needs to be happy, a patch of blue sky and a pair of dry socks.
The usual dinner. Rather strong wind so wet things can dry on tent. Later I put them inside and rightly so because it really starts to rain. There's a sailing boat further away but it's not one of Siggi's. I almost thought that I have a guardian angel.
Hornvík, 17,8 km
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