lazy day

Today is a slow day, no hurry, not much to do. Like holiday.
Enjoy breakfast, gather my things.
First to Flateyri through mirror landscape. Sky is absurdly blue, everything gushed over with sunshine. Flateyri has a shop for old books, sold by weight. A guy with white shirt and bowtie measures 450 grams for me. Mjög skemmtilegt. Wonder around a bit and continue to Ísafjörður. No way to avoid Ísafjörður, I keep coming back here. Once I've landed here from air, twice from sea. Now overland. Aurora is in the harbour and so is Vidar. Nice to see him. Finally I get needle and thread. Then soup and ice cream. City is quiet, no cruise ships at the moment.
Continue to Súðavík to check out the arctic fox center. A lovely girl from France shows me around. Foxes choose one partner for life with whom they separate for winter and meet again in spring. Hide some of the food for winter. Males are slower to move out from parents' den. The relationship with people is controversial, some consider the fox a pet animal, some a nuisance.
After coffee in the sun continue towards Heydalur. A glacier is visible and Vigur island and there's a sailing boat in the direction of Hornstrandir. Circle around a lot of fjords. Awful lot of coastline here but folded, to fit into Iceland. Signs warn about birds on the road and seals on the road.
There's a farm in Heydalur. Tourist farm and horse farm. First night in tent, tomorrow in a room. There were no vacancies for today when I e-mailed with Stella in spring. Dart for hot spring. There are already some Frenchmen and some Americans and a lot of chatter.
Before dinner approaches Stella with an apologetic face. Something must be wrong. They didn't catch the fish? No, overbooking. Could I stay in tent for the second night as well? With this weather, no problem. Besides, I know the service provider's side of that kind of situation. Everything else should be on the house then. I don't want everything on the house but if she insists then I'll take the dinner.
To the question about horse riding experience I answer mentioning the 12 days horse hike in Kyrgyzstan and qualify at once as very experienced. Yeah right, and very experienced mountain climber am I now too.
on two wheels
on four legs

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