on four legs

There's a parrot in the restaurant who can say 'hello', 'okay', 'goðan daginn' and whistle in seven different ways.
It turns out that it is for some reason not possible to do the whole day horse riding tour. Maybe they need more people for that. I'm offered to do two two-hour tours instead. Sounds kind of silly but okay.
Four more riders pluss the guide. My horse is black and called Tinna. She is said to be very sensitive. Dubious. We ford a river, walk a bit on the road and then over greenery. Every once and a while signal is given for trot. It's really smoother than what I've experienced before. Or maybe some of it is tölt. And suddenly we gallop on the beach. Wow. Manage to stay attached to the horse quite convincingly. Then comes a difficult maneuvre where eachone has to detach his/her horse from the row, walk a bit further, turn the horse and pose for a photo. Manage to pull it off. Helmets offer good protection from arctic terns who shout their name in Icelandic down on us. On the way back we gallop along gravel road and stones fly all around. Luckily I have my bullet-proof sunglasses on. Boots are full of small stones later. The guide says that Tinna was only second time out with a tourist. She preferred not to say it before.
I wave the offer to do this a second time in the afternoon. Not that it hasn't been fun but a day tour would of been like going somewhere. An hour or two around the farm is just for trying it out. And I've now done that.
Instead I eat soup, read and have a nap. It has turned cloudy. But then sun comes out and it gets too hot in the tent. Move to the hot tube, this time to the one next to the swimming pool. Sit there for a long time. Swimming pool is in the middle of glass house with strawberries, cherries, dill and dandelion. Big window at the end of the pool shows a mountain and horses look in from the other door.
Do some laundry and sewing. Then it's book-reading until dinner. Hooves clatter somewhere and someone flies a drone.
I thought that the fish yesterday was delicious but then I didn't know anything about the lamb today.
lazy day
Vatsnes peninsula

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