to Middle-Earth

Rain is turned on and off whole night and morning.
Weather looks brighter towards midhighlands so there I go. Stop by the tiny church of Gröf. It's sticky.
Last gas station before leaving civilization has a huge shop. For my recent experience at least.
Road turns into stone desert and sends up a lot of dust. Some traffic, mostly cyclists, motocyclists and sheep. Usually taking pictures or looking at map. Except for the sheep. Huge glacier moves slowly closer. Sky is blue over the glacier.
Short exploring in Hveravellir. Very colorful, boils, gushes, flows, steams and smells of rotten eggs. Later there's soup, waffle and coffee.
Bridges have been built over rivers so not much adventure in that sense.
Staying in sleeping bag accommodation in Kerlingarfjöll for one night. No WiFi. Not for photos anyway. And with photos there's a problem because camera is having lot of trouble with light metering and focusing.
rain on Tröllaskagi
first day in the mountains

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