rain on Tröllaskagi

Rain. It cleans the car window from bird shit.
I had planned to go on a day hike on Tröllaskagi peninsula. The trail starts near Siglufjörður. The small amount of landscape that is visible through rain looks promising.
Rain gets thicker and it's cold and windy. My determination to hike is diminished to zero by the time I arrive in Siglufjörður. Take time out in a café that then appears to be a classy hotel. Weather forecast for near future has improved but no hope for today. It still looks like a nice town and I wonder off to take some pictures. Stumble on a museum. Quite a herring hunt was apparently going on here in 1940-60ies. And they fished the ocean empty. The museum is really cool with a lot of old photographs and has got an award recently. It is a package with two further museums. One about ships and the other about folk songs. A nice way to spend a rainy day.
On my way back towards Hofsós mountains start to undress from clouds, all full of teeth. Must spend more days here next time. A car picnic with sea view only now.
Hofsós' campsite looks deserted but it's nice and warm in the toilet. Put tent up so it can dry or something and go to the swimming pool. Light blue water changes into grey blue and then there's an island. Almost infinity pool. Sit in hot tube until my fingers are wrinkled. Algjör afslöppun. Sun throws two shining spotlights on the sea. Then it continues to rain.
The only restaurant is full but I could try after an hour. Go back to campsite, sit in the car and read. Nothing better to do. A diehard cyclist arrives. Then a car full of people.
Two people come out of the restaurant so there must be places now. One free table. I'm directed to it but then comes in a company of four. Could I please move to the table in the far corner? She has Einstök pale ale so that evens it out. Except that she forgets to bring it. People have no commercial value when they are not in a group. Ironic that this keeps happening in Iceland with it's 'allir eru með' mentality. And hasn't happened much in other places. Things that make you feel less worthy because you're not one of the herd. Like you should be ashamed for being there and taking up space. Maybe it's the disproportion between the amount of locals and the overwhelming number of visitors. Must reap until the golden rain stops. I switch to Icelandic as if to revenge.
Some more tents in the campsite and a lady with card terminal. It continues to rain.
If next hike will be 3 days or three dayhikes depends on what agreement I can reach with the weather station.
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