towards home

Traditional Icelandic sky. 50 shades of gray, tatters of clouds hanging down, mountains peeking through the rags.
Since in the end of the world sky and earth touch and Iceland is quite close to the end then it's logical that clouds are dragging here like this.
On the gates of the base camp the Ukranian is hitchiking again. This time together with his wife. I take them along until the road crossing where I turn south, they will wait for someone going north.
It rains on and off. More to the south and more white clouds in blue sky. Suddenly there is paved road and Iceland looks like on picture postcards. Robust green mountains, broad canyons, horses, kjarr og runni, tourist buses, huge car parks, Gullfoss, Geysir, Þingvellir. Been here, done that. But everything looks a lot different compared with March. And now I aim to the ultimate civilization. The capital.
Must watch out and not around because suddenly a red caravan turns to the road right in front of me. I jump on break with two feet and avoid collision. Heimskur ferðamaður.
Although I did put on less clothes than usual, I'm still overdressed. People use short sleeves here.
Car to the parking house. Reykjavíkurdætur's CD from 12tónar, Draumalandið from the bookshop. I buy three books in Icelandic but the salesperson still stubbornly speaks English. At least they have coffee here and free WiFi. Pictures from last four days go up.
Wander a bit along the streets. A big part of the center has been digged up. I meet Hildur, my first Icelandic teacher. At last. The conversation runs in Icelandic and English, about 40/60 in favour of Icelandic.
Drive to Keflavík, leaving sunny Reykjavík behind. Car has to be returned to a green house a bit before the airport. I don't have the address of course. How many green houses can there be before the airport anyway. Jón is not home so his wife drops me off to the plane. Luckily she does not speak much of English.
The circle has closed.
My flight goes after one o'clock. Only pizza to eat. And beer. I'm not with car anymore. Enough books with me.

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