I need a more flexible mode of transportation from now on so I go to Kendal and rent a car.
The rental car man is extremely surprised that no-one in my family has a landline number. Looking into the car it is as bad as I expected. The steering wheel is on the wrong side. During the ride I find more things that are wrong, like the mirror is hidden in some place it has never been before and when wanting to shift gear I grab the door handle.
This is a weird country, I feel like Alice through the looking-glass. They drive blissfully on the wrong side of the road, measure distance in miles, weight in ounces or whatever, beer in pints, temperature in centigrade or Fahrenheit and pay in pounds. Time is luckily calculated in minutes and hours, at least something civilized. And they pour milk in their tea. At least they have everything all right with gender equality the most important man being a woman (God save the Queen, in'shallah!). People look happy though so life must be possible even in unfavorable conditions like these.
The road turns between stone fences. They have a huge piece of land but haven't cared to make a road broad enough for to cars to pass each other.
I end up in a parking place in Langdale and take a pie from the nearby pub. It does not get a decent packaging but I'll soon eat it anyway.
Until Pavey Ark and Stickle Tarn it is quite fine but then everything disappears in cloud and it starts to rain. Only the sheep are out, obviously. My freshly bought rain pants are in the car.
Finally back down I check in to a hotel next door. My bag is full of wet pie crumbles. Wasn't much of a picnic weather. I shower together with the pie.
Coniston and Brantwood

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