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At eight in the morning I go swimming in the sea. I can use Ülle-Riin's swim suit.
The water is warm and salty. On the other shore it's thundering. Generally it goes like this: the air gets warmed up during the day, forms clouds for the evening, in the night it rains because the mountains don't let the clouds escape and in the morning it's nice and clear again. Today the clouds are still here for some reason. Saakashvili had the idea to take away the Crying Mountain near the city that catches the rain clouds and converts the weather inappropriate for a beach destination. What an idea...
During breakfast we discuss attending a conference. Unexpectedly a conference has appeared into the program. We send Priidu as the most diligent. Besides, when it's said that also Egyptians, Pakistanis, Persians and Kyrgyz are present then I'm not so sure what we have to tell each other about electronic communication.
I move into internet and hear from passers-by that the conference isn't very popular. About five people are there.
David picks up me, Ülle-Riin and Angeelika and we take a taxi to the botanical garden. The garden is awesome. For the beginning there's a view towards the sea, surrounded by trees wrapped into weeds. Like some sleeping beauty. There follow parts of New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Himalayas, South-East Asia, Mediterranean etc etc, trees and flowers. And the smell. It smells of something very good in places where we can't see any flowers. In trees are southern birds twittering. The walk turns out to be a lot longer than planned. A phone call clarifies that it's too late go back anyway so we can continue.
We hope that the taxi driver has left us. But no. Showing the country to foreigners is a thing of honor and the company booked the driver for us. And the driver stopped the meter.
We go eat some fish fast, despite ban from Theo that we can't be fed before dinner. We eat the favorite fish of Saakashvili and he has a good taste.
Our own president has recently somewhere said something to support Georgia that makes our visit here even more pleasant. It's good when the president is there for the tourist.
All others go to delfinarium and I go to internet and to the sea. Then it starts to rain and I speed back to the hotel. Priidu calls to tell me that the dinner time has been moved earlier so I take a taxi. The price is too high but what's the difference, I haven't paid much until now anyway.
The toasts contain brilliant ideas like "woman is human's best friend". Tamada is also the photographer who gets a bit drunk and starts to say things like the ministry is our best non-friend. David tries to sooth things over. Our answer to a toast is a loud bang of thunder. Like Aurora.
As for tomorrow's flight, I can make it to the first group. It should give me the opportunity to escape for a hike. If the flight is going at all, will be clear in the morning.
After dinner it's plan to go and see a cultural show. The theater is luxurious. And the show is great. The few times I've seen such a thing, these are low quality tourist traps but not this one. Lot of Georgian folk dance. Women move like they had a skateboard or something under their skirt and men's feet don't seem to be attached to them at all. The speed with which they climb on top of each other and come down again is astonishing. They fling the swords so that sparks fly all over the stage. During the second half water starts to drop on the drummer. The reason is clear after the show. It rains heavily outside and the building seems not to be quite finished. Priidu went to look on the attic before. It obviously does not have a using permit yet.
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