In the morning it rains with loud thunder. Into our room among other places.
It requires some acrobatics to close the window on a rotating chair, while somewhere down is the misty city. Outside is the kind of wind that uproots palm trees. The airplane does not go. The plans will be changed, maybe to include Imereti. We'll see.

After some fuss, false alarms and repeated changes in the plans we get seated in two buses and head towards the capital. Along the way there are some half-finished real estate projects. The government supports investing into this area starting from a certain sum with a 15 year tax-free period.
Balconies are in fashion. Each place has it's own style. In Kobuleti the houses have nice semicircle staircases to the second floor balcony. Guria has rectangular houses, partly on stilts and no staircase outside. It would be interesting to know what would Georgian towns and villages look like without the interference of soviet architects.
Subtropics ends, the mountains move away and back again. Stunning half-clouded views.
Sataplia is on our way. It's known for a dinosaur's' footprint on display. The footprint remains unseen because of the weather, instead we see natural Georgian rain.
For lunch in Kutaisi the sun comes out. A local notary has arranged a generous table with almost no advance notice.
After lunch David has to use backdoor policy to remove Kakheti from the plan for next days. It works.
For unclear reasons we stop in Gori for Stalin's museum. It is supposed to be closed from six but will be opened again for us. I refuse to enter and that is very egoistic as it turns out later. There are some more protesters. It is good to be an egoist because we eat a bunch of unwashed fruit and freshly backed bread under David's guidance. We also get to peak inside the oven that is a huge hot keg where the backer dives head first to hit the dough on the wall inside and take it out with a long stick after some time. Cool. Smells terrific and tastes very good.
In the beginning of the night we are again in Sheraton Tbilisi.
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