Ülle-Riin surprises in the night with polyphonic snoring.
The morning is misty, hotel quiet and empty. Not many people having breakfast. Everyone looks tired.
We're heading north, to Kazbegi. The sun is breaking through the clouds and the views get more and more enchanting. Luckily I can drive the same way two more times on my own and stop everywhere. The bus stops only at Ananuri castle and monstrument. The road goes partly along South-Ossetian border.
After the monstrument some road dust emerges and this almost creates a feeling like I was travelling. One stop is in a place where someone has like spat on the hill. Along orange stone flows mineral water. David buys me a blue-black-white hat in spite of some protest.
Kazbegi is a bit before the Russian border, on the other side is Vladikavkaz.
In Kazbegi we start the program with peeing in tandem. After this we get divided in jeeps so that we can drive 4,5 km to the church that is visible high above Gergeti village. The road is a decent potholed one. The driver is careful and doesn't want to hurt his car. I happen to be the first one up the hill and enter the church quietly. Mild singing prayer can be heard. The monk is behind a column and does not see me. I steal a piece of prayer that is interrupted when the rest of the group arrives. But the moment is mystical.
Mount Kazbek is teasingly in the clouds and does not show itself. I meet a friend of David whose friend has a guest house and who will accommodate and feed me three times a day tomorrow for 50 laris. When do I have time to climb the mountain during this constant eating remains unclear.
On our way back the mountains wrap themselves into clouds. Our bus driver is a bit nervous and hits two puppies with one go. The third one manages to escape. It doesn't trouble him, proceeding he hits a rock and races with the other driver.
On the meeting point of Aragvi and Mtkvari rivers stands Lermontov, big and green.
Some confusion with car rental. I get a Nissan Pathfinder tomorrow and this should last for four days.
Ülle-Riin and Angeelika have farewell coffee with David and we send him home to sleep.
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