In the morning I get to sleep long which is nice.
After that it's not possible to start translating Sanskrit because we have to go to Levi. In the evening the sky is clear on the other side of Sodankylä and Levi will be on the way. One way, two uses. Well, reasonable really. I grab my laptop and two books with the intention to stay inside.

The further we drive, the more sun appears. From the window really nice winter landscape with lone snow-covered houses is visible. Now no-one can force me to sit inside, at least not in the beginning. I get a trail map from the information center, we settle the check-time on six o'clock and I escape into the forest. There's a trail, people ski somewhere further and in the children's corner a hysterical woman screams into microphone.
The moment you step away from the trail you disappear thigh-deep into snow. Trail goes uphill, view gets better and better until the trail very clearly turns to go back down. But...? What about the top? Someone has gone upwards with snow shoes and the footprints carry me aswell. But soon wind and snow have covered the track. I wade a bit further until skiers start to pass me a bit too close. Back down, I find a place called Draivi. The rain-deer dish is, well, ok but nothing special. Back to the car, half way there I receive a message that my companion is waiting already.
Destination is Lokka, at some lake. According to the map the cloud should reach exactly up to the lake and the lake is nicely north from the road. Something promising has happened on the Sun.
Already 15 km before reaching our destination there's a green strip above our heads. Damn, third time in my life to see aurora borealis and I have to watch it from the car. We park on the bridge, luckily there are no street lights. No parking space either but it seems that the road is not being used much. During whole event only one car passes us by.
At the beginning there's not much. A bit of green here and there then it disappears. I stomp around the tripod and create a big hard surface area.
And then it begins. From somewhere between Venus and Jupiter comes a cloud of green and pink looking like a fountain or a tulip and then all sky is full of quivering colors that seem to be falling down on your head. Most powerful picture until now. At about half past eleven the show is over.
Back. From dark Sodankylä we get gasoline with Visa and cash from ATM. On the last part of the way I wake up and take over driving. Two hares and some raindeer totter on the road. And a plastic bag which is meant to scare raindeer but scares drivers effectively as well.
Back home at four. Still I decide to go and conquer a mountain tomorrow (because it's there.
George Mallory).
Norwegian aurora
in the forest with snow storm

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