Norwegian aurora

At 06:15 is the sky evenly covered with a dark-blue-gray cloud. Ok, I can watch that tomorrow as well.
I postpone climbing a mountain and get back to sleep. Final wake-up around half past ten and the next hours are spent with Sanskrit.
Today clouds are all around us. Yesterday there was a medium explosion on the Sun and it should reach Earth this night. It's clear south of Inari and on North-Norwegian coast. To south-east road is small and not direct, to Alta goes a bigger and direct road. We opt for Norway. They are in Schengen and according to border guard information our id-card works all over Schengen. We'll see, probably no-one is checking there anyway.

Course north, to the border is around 40 km. Before that there's only one small village with dispersed houses.
At the border check point green light is on and no-one exits the illumined booth. Same landscape continues, flat hills and thin bushes. Only people have drawn a line on the ground.
A red light is visible on the horizon and it gets bigger when we drive further. Holes and cracks appear in clouds, the moon looks through them occasionally. Before Alta are clear skies. So you can bargain with the weather-man if you follow his rules.
Hills turn into mountains and look especially high in the dark.
First thing in Alta is to have a burger. Again I get a proof that one needs some special construction jaw for eating these things. We study the map, trying to guess where there could be a place with a parking spot for the car, no street lights nor houses and unrestricted visibility towards north. At last we head north along the coast but turn before reaching where we were going. A sign for beach. Beach should do. Somebody is making bonfire in the dark and couple of cars are already positioned. A nordic light is also there already.
We put up our gear, I park myself on the pier. Ahead of me two figures are hustling in the darkness. These appear to be a Norwegian, trying out his new equipment, and his girlfriend. Tomorrow it's supposed to be more nordic light. Possible, but tomorrow they have clouds around here.
For starters there's not much. To our right appears a faint green strip, broadens and disappears again. At the other side above the city lights about the same is going on. But reflections of mountains in the water is something new. The moon is very bright.
The Norwegians leave and I get to have the entire pier. Tide is coming in and it claims all the beach on my left side, leaving only a strip where I was planning to go a little while ago. Good that I didn't. Big would of been my surprise, having discovered myself cut away from mainland. The weather isn't exactly suitable for swimming, about 10 degrees below zero.
Nordic lights disappear and I go back into the car for warming myself a bit. I even fall asleep for a while but then it seems that something starts to happen. Really, right overhead unfold and swirl a lot of green and some pink. Pink lights are more rare. Awesome! The show is short, a flash and finish. Back to Finland. I drive as long as I start falling asleep, then continue sleeping on the passenger's seat until we meet some reindeers are on the road. Hm, they are here after all.
Back home at half past two and directly to bed.
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