from Iisalmi to Tallinn

Absurdly blue skies.
Buses going south are full. No long stops. The sandwiches that Mari suggested me to make turn out to be very useful.
It is warm in Helsinki and luckily turns cloudy. Between bus and ship is just enough time for a tram ride.

I find a graph online that shows an abrupt rise of rainfall in Finnmark and Troms area in the last couple of years. I know that I’m racing with time. Hopefully this is not a lost leg yet.
For those who didn’t understand and who confuse weather and climate: the rain in Northern Norway comes from North Atlantic. Water evaporates, turns into clouds and the dominant westerly winds in the area push it above land. The temperature of the surface of the ocean has risen approximately 0,13 degrees Celsius for each decade during the last century. A warmer ocean evaporates more which means bigger clouds and more rain. Changing climate (not a warmer one; the ocean gets warmer, the climate changes because of it) in these areas does not mean a general rise of temperature but more humidity. Winters are warmer, summers cooler, it rains more. Bad skiing weather during the whole year. It also means that one of the few accessible wildernesses in Europe is soon not accessible anymore.

I guess it is necessary to have the description of this unsuccessful hike here because there is too little written about failure. Not much can be learned from success but a lot from failure, even if it’s someone else’s.
from Oulu to Iisalmi

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