from Oulu to Iisalmi

Late Sunday morning and Oulu’s streets are quiet and empty.
Dark clouds that have let out rain most of the night are retreating.
The bus station bench would be nice if it hadn’t been used as a toilet. Some people seem to look at public places as at a giant toilet. Maybe it’s their way to mark territory and they also sniff who has peed there before.
Two big buses leave for Jyväskylä on different routes and each has only two passengers onboard. Welfare society.
In Iisalmi I meet Mari. The same Mari who in Iceland taught me how to milk cows. We shop some food and drive to countryside in order to stay at an old school. We walk between the fields with Trumma, the dog, and talk about everything that has happened meantime. Then we visit world’s northernmost Savo village Vieremä where we play geocaching and eat ice cream. The evening is totally quiet with a lone pink cloud.
from Karasjok to Oulu
from Iisalmi to Tallinn

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