from Tallinn to the train

A wonderful morning with good looking and tasting sandwiches and pancakes. 
Get a ride to the harbor and spend the ship journey with reading blogs that I planned to read before heading off. In the end there wasn’t enough time somehow.
The bag weighs about 17 kilo which is a bit too much but then again it containes food for 10 days. No water carrying necessary this time. After trying my ULA backpack and finding it unexpectedly comfortable I have this now with me despite it being about 300 grams heavier than the Bergans pack and lacking the top compartment for small day-use items and snacks.
Tropical 25 degrees in Helsinki. A short tram ride to the train station where I have a light lunch while waiting for the train to Rovaniemi. Don’t want to start reading books yet, I only have four thin ones with me.
The train rolls in and heads soon North. I have a sitting place this time. Arriving to the trailhead takes so long that I’ll still have a chance to sleep in a bed before that.
from the train to Karasjok

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