from the train to Karasjok

I sleep with intervals, then wake up and read through all of internet.
Bright sunshine starting from 3 o’clock.
Last night I managed to recruit a new blog reader in the restaurant car. Tommi and his friend are going fishing to Kemijärvi.
In Rovaniemi I kill time with having breakfast and reading. Strugatskys’ ”Snail on the slope”. It contains some remarks which are useful for hiking. Like this one: It is generally thought that one does not necessarily need kindness and honesty for getting forward. One needs legs for that. And boots. Legs may also be unwashed and boots muddy…
Most of the 7,5 hour bus ride to Karasjok I spend sleeping. Karasjok is a border town on the Norwegian side of the border. Eskelisen Lapin Linjat has also a direct connection to Kautokeino but only twice a week and their schedule did not suit me. So I’ll stay in Karasjok for tonight and continue from there to Kautokeino tomorrow with a local bus.
It gets appropriately clouded but still stays uncomfortably hot outside. Reindeer laze by the road. Forest is now sparser and first high hills come into view.
People drop off one by one from the bus. In Ivalo only a few are left. An older woman complains about mosquitoes. She spends her winters in Spain because of snow.
A short rain shower. Up to 13 mm of rain is forecasted for the first three hiking days. That seems to be quite a lot of water. Hopefully keeps mosquitos and midges at bay.
In Karasjok I have a small cabin with a view to the town. For dinner I have to walk back to the center along the river that is lined with narrow boats.
from Tallinn to the train
the trail begins

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