rain to Madam Bongos

Night was quiet with some silent rain.
I have been offering accommodation to a whole bunch of mosquitos in the vestibule of my tent. Rain starts when I’m almost done with packing.
Swamps, hills, swamps again. Some swamp in the forest. Mosquitos in the forest. Recognize the place where a fellow hiker sank up to his/her bum in a muddy river. I manage to get wet only ankle-deep.
When the trail is finished with swamps it heads uphill. There’s strong wind, horizontal rain and view on gray silhouettes that are supposed to be hills and lakes. A picnic table on top on Goaskinvárri.
Down to a river. It’s wider than I’d like it to be. Takes a long time to cross, searching for safer way. After that a narrow and fast-flowing tributary. Walk up and down and finally cross downstream where it is divided into multiple streams. Final stretch is spent getting tangled in bushes.
Last three kilometers go fast. I’m cold. At Madam Bongos fjellstue I get directed to hot shower without asking any questions. Hang everything to dry. Get a dinner of reindeer and a beer. The owner does not speak very well English so he chats with me through Google Translate. He is Sami from his mother’s side and a trained cook. Has visited Tallinn and was impressed. Proudly shows me a cup with the picture of Tallinn’s old town. Looks like there will be less rain tomorrow and the day after. I want to take my time so that the rivers have time to slow down.
I have walked 16,6 km today.
the trail begins
a hike to nowhere

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