the trail begins

Some struggle in the shower.
I find out that the coin machine needs heavy handling.
Weather forecast says it rains. This has not been agreed with the sun that shines into my window.
Kjells cafe is still closed so I have breakfast at Scandic hotel. A tomato lies on the floor and people keep kicking it.
A problem with the bus. It appears that I should have called somewhere yesterday for the bus to go. Which I didn’t. Looks like hitchhiking. It takes a bit more than one hour for a car to stop. A middle-aged man who had been driving his ATV in the mountains near Karasjok and lives in Kautokeino. I’m not sure if I’m expected to chat or would it be harassing since the man does not speak English very well. He offers to drop me off about 10 km further on the trail but I prefer to walk the whole thing. So I thank him and have one last burger and coffee at a gas station.
The actual trailhead is 2,5 km from the town. There is supposed to be a campsite by the lake but it does not look like it. No people to ask, just a big white furry dog barking at me dutifully. So I continue with the trail itself. No fancy signs, just a narrow footpath at the edge of the lake. It has some marshy parts and there are some kind of wooden pieces to make the going easier. These have mostly sunk. As soon as my feet get almost dry I have to get them wet again. I spot red marks on trees and rocks. Red is the official trail mark color in Norway.
Don’t intend to go far. Soon I find a small stream with some higher ground next to it. This is it, my campsite for tonight. Zillion mosquitos and midges cheer at my decision. I look almost longingly at the dark clouds that are approaching from everywhere.
Tent up and it does not take long for thunder to bang above. Rain ends when I eat dinner and I go out to see some sunlight. Can’t ignore the mosquitos for long though.
Today I have walked 2,9 km on the trail.
from the train to Karasjok
rain to Madam Bongos

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