Białowieża: bicycle ride

I oversleep. Phone has died in the night.
I still take the bike and drive towards Topilo because the weather is very nice. The forest looks interesting and scenery changes all the time. Spruce, wet alder carr, hornbeam. Somewhere further away are cranes, up a tree next to me chirp small birds. Otherwise the forest just stands still. I try to forget all the mess that is going on around the globe and for a moment I even succeed.
In Topilo the river Lesna looks like a lake. An old railway bridge leads over it, the railway continues until horizon. The thought of being the only fool riding a bike here has just crossed my mind when I see two more bikers cycling my direction. One of them has binoculars hanging on his chest. After a while the trail description asks me to turn right where a side track of the railway continues in a thicket. This I have practiced a lot. For some reason I don’t find the correct trail to Czerlonka and am too lazy and tired to turn away from the big road once I’m already there. Sun is already on its way down and my legs are full of lactic acid. After my last decent bicycle trip I’ve had too much good and easy life.
Since it seems that things are not getting better I decide to pack and head home tomorrow. Biebrza, one of the better preserved river landscapes and wetlands of Europe will so not be visited this time. What happens next depends on Lithuanians and Latvians.
Białowieża: snow fall
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