from Porto Covo to Cercal do Alentejo, 16,1 km

No horizon and rocks have been added to the beach. The ocean is trying to disappear.
International breakfast. A couple from Canada, another from Finland and two English-speaking males. Haven't practised Finnish yet on this trip. To my annoyance I notice a tendency to replace the words I don't recall in Finnish with Icelandic words. I praise Finnish hiking trails and get recommendations for the future. My opinion about the Portuguese trails is thorougly inquired and the guy looks at me with some suspicion when I can't name the very best spot. They can only show off with lost luggage. Time to steal another sandwitch (repeating to myself silently: behave naturally!). Only later on the trail I realise that it would of been very easy to put some fruit in my pocket. In the middle of this meadow were after all no shops for stocking up on food supplies for the day.
Initial cloudcover diffuses and there's no wind. Windturbines stand thoughtfully still. Again the turn of long hot gravel roads. Luckily it soon changes to an alley, then cork oaks and finally eucalyptus. Cork oaks look like muscular bodies. In the background are cows and meadow with big solitary trees. A couple of climbs and at two o'clock already Cercal comes into view. Today's short day was shortened even more because I didn't walk to Porto Covo.
Cercal looks the same kind of way peopleless like the villages in the beginning. Construction works going on in the hotel. No tourists or eateries in sight. I find a shop and a few cafes.
I start with Eric Lomax's 'The Railway Man'. Some books have to wait for their time, I guess. This one has patiently travelled with me to India and Iceland and maybe to some other place but always other books have gotten ahead of it. It starts with a detour to the Shetland islands. Now when I've added these to my travel plans (while stearing on the map following the course of a certain ship).
Google says that there's a restaurant in next street. There is. This is probably the only street I didn't go during my recent wonderings. When inquiring about food I'm directed to a room in the back where things are commandeered by a fast woman, her hair hidden under a plastic hat. First soup is brought without asking any questions. Then I get a piece of very soft and tasty meat to taste and main course comes after I've approved it. Some other tourists have appeared, the rest are locals and everything is swift and efficent. One of the best meals and eating places.
Gps is falling apart. Garmin Estonia promises the spare part within 2-3 months. Not good. Hair elastic keeps the thing in one piece but possibly doesn't guarantee the necessary water resistance for Iceland.
from Vila Nova de Milfontes to Porto Covo, 15,2 km
from Cercal do Alentejo to Vale Seco, 21,1 km

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