every thorn counts*

It takes one book after Tõnu Õnnepalu to travel from Tallinn to Yangon.

He writes: Maybe a disaster happens tomorrow. Maybe someone finally manages to crash internet. Maybe comes heavy rain or heavy drought, heavy cold or heavy heat, big flood or water scarcity. But what can we do about it? Today a passenger needs to board a plane, pilot to get to his seat, stewards and stewardesses are already working, two hundred, three hundred people ready to fly into the sky, feeling nothing particular, thinking about something completely else. (Catalogue of lies)
Tallinn airport is being expanded, Helsinki airport is being expanded. Someone obviously is expecting more and more people to fly around.
I don’t actually want to go to Burma. In Helsinki the gate is changed and a planeful of people looks expectantly at the billboard that says ‘Dublin’. I’d rather fly to Dublin, buy some books after James Joyce and read them there.
Thunder in Bangkok. Knee starts to hurt and is getting softer.
Weather in Yangon reminds one of hot damp towel. Research starts right away. A contact has lined up a group of very important people for me. The line is now only on paper though. I’m very sleepy.

* ‘every thorn counts’ and ‘every thorn reads’ are expressed the same way in Estonian, the further was the slogan of a recent military exercise with codename ‘Hedgehog’ where I should have participated but instead spent the time home, doing exercises in order to revive a muscle after knee operation. And reading books.

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