I keep watch the whole day but there’s no information about any meetings.
So I get to do knee exercises. I have brought a ball, a belt and a foam roll for this. When buying the roll the seller recommended the one that is empty inside. So I could put things in it. Clever.
Spend most of the day rearranging the parts of my thesis. Once I go out for lunch and once for buying fruit. The lunch place is nice. Air-conditioned but not like a fridge. Food is tasty. The only drawback is its location on the second floor. Access via staircase only.
I circle the block in the evening looking for fruit. It also gives some practice to my foot. Knee is kind of soft. In the dark is a bit better to walk around but it’s still too hot for eating on the pavement. Besides, folding myself to the small plastic chair would be too much of a hassle. The city authorities have moved small night markets to the big street next to the river. The vendors are not happy, income has sunk. The market looks deserted and sad indeed. The idea was good, to ease traffic congestion in downtown. The result was like always. The size of the vending areas is unequal; most vendors don’t have enough space. To get to the market one has to cross a six-lane road the Asian way. No-one comes to buy fruit that far. The cooked food seems covered in exhaust fumes. Many vendors hunch in front of their stalls that are cover with a cloth. Officials check if they are present. If they’re not there every they might lose their place. After a bit of walking I find a box of tangerines. The vendor picks out the ones he deems the best.
Tomorrow I should steal a cup and a spoon from the breakfast room.
every thorn counts*
diary of a hotel resident

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