health problems

Today it rains in the morning.
Later it is light breeze outside, cloudy, some drizzle and almost pleasant.
Yesterday I moved with the computer from the bed to the table. The air con blew in by back and obviously blew something off there. It is possible to be straight, not look right, left or down. Uncomfortable. In addition there has appeared an aching place in the knee and I cannot do two of the exercises. Hopefully both belong to the category “will pass by tomorrow morning”.
The battery of my laptop mouse dies. The girls in the store under the hotel all touch the battery, giggle, discuss it among themselves and come to the conclusion that they don’t have any batteries.
I finished the review of the MA thesis. Came out kind of angry.
All the security guards and street food vendors in the neighborhood know that a white person has moved here. Appears around two o’clock, goes to the restaurant over the street, looks reproachfully at the staircase as if it was just put there, sighs and climbs up. On her way back buys pineapple. For the same money you get more pineapple and mango every day from the same guy. Around seven or eight appears again. Goes to Shan restaurant. Reads a book while waiting for her food. Drinks a beer.
No information about the meeting tomorrow.
household problems
doing nothing continues

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