household problems

In the morning someone calls from the reception to tell me that they’ll cut off electricity for an hour.
That’s nice of them. The warning. Later electricity disappears without any ceremony. When it comes back then internet goes. In addition some machinery arrives under my window and starts to make noise. Otherwise it’s rather quiet in my room because the tiny window opens inside the block. Only occasionally I hear signaling, whistle or in the evening barking of dogs.
I use the chance to read but since it is dark in the room now I have to gather all the light that comes in from the slit-shaped window.
Today’s household tasks include obtaining toilet paper. Repeatedly it is promised with no change in my restroom. That confirms my assumption that they’re unable to keep track on the stolen cups and spoons in the breakfast room.
No news about any meetings.
I spend part of the time reviewing a MA thesis that I carelessly took upon me. Terrible. Overly bureaucratic language makes the text hard to follow. Besides, it’s incredibly boring.

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