mysterious messages

There’s a mosquito in the room.
I make one last try to call my contact person but this time a woman’s voice reads a text in Bamar. I understand two zeros nothing else. And after coming back from lunch I have a missed call from an unknown local number. When I call back then the same woman reads the same text, with two zeros. Suspicious. The mobile is probably switched off because a text message also does not go through. Now I certainly missed a lifetime opportunity for an interview with an Important Person just because of eating.
In addition to that someone called K has left a weird message for me.
In the evening when I sit in the restaurant and sip beer I suddenly realize that if my hypothesis that I created during the weekend is correct then I also have an answer to the question why the Lady is silent about the mess in the western zone. Well. One only needs a little bit of alcohol to invent some globally important thing like woolen socks or internet.
writing camp continues
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