writing camp continues

Yesterday a bunch of Chinese moved into the hotel and choked the internet.
I watch the news from home. Depressing that we’re back in times where people had to express their thoughts with human chain and musicians. But no-one gets arrested. Maybe the foreign experts should sell this idea to Burma’s rulers. Between elections one does not have to notice the whining of the masses, later at the ballot boxes they remember nothing anyway. This way it’s possible to save a whole lot of censorship costs.
I don’t go to lunch but kill my appetite with chocolate. The chocolate I bought yesterday has to be eaten swiftly before the ants find out that new one has arrived. Or maybe they don’t eat locally sold chocolate. Does not seem to be much of actual chocolate in the product.
The restaurant is full. A group of people are requested to read the menu by the door but for me a table is offered immediately. Perks of a loyal customer.
Nothing else happens.
days full of emptiness
mysterious messages

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