shopping in Hoi An

Hoi An is a nice town just about in the middle of Vietnam.
Due to recent holidays every train is fully booked and it takes a bit of an effort to get there from Nha Trang where we end up for a while. Since getting back to Saigon is also uncertain so it looks like we are trying to organize us as far as possible from us flight back home.
Besides lovely architecture Hoi An has a mass of tailors. Clothes made in 24 hours. Or faster.
Free bicycles in our hotel demand a cycling tour to the seaside. Cold and windy.
There is also some culture. We hope to catch a sunrise in My Son but the sun does not rise that day. Still, we get to see the overgrown temple ruins without any other tourists. Well worth the effort.
It takes two days to get home. Bus to Nha Trang, flights to Saigon, then Bangkok, Amsterdam and Tallinn. All flights are late.
mountains around Dalat

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