The sky is clear over Berlin and we don’t know anything of Welkenraedt yet.
All goes well until Cologne where our train is said to leave not from the central station but from Köln-Ehrenfeld. After a bit of confusion we get there and watch with a bunch of other people the train being more and more late. When it finally arrives then some time before Aachen we’re told that due to a technical failure it will not continue to Brussels but stop in Aachen. It is possible to continue from Aachen to Welkenraedt and from there with Belgian local trains. We get ready to storm the Welkenraedt train as do all the others. The train fills to the brim. Welkenraedt has probably never been so popular.
We miss our booked seats to London but are able to reach the last Eurostar. After changing our ticket we end up in first class and try to eat and drink everything we’re offered.
Darkness in England.
from Tallinn to Berlin
from London to Aberdeen

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