from Tallinn to Berlin

Shetland, the center of Scandinavian trade routes.
For Shetlanders it is important that others understand how far away they are. In October 2018 Scotish public institutions were forbidden to show Shetland on the maps inside a small insert as is common. It now has to be depicted so as to reflect the real distance from the rest of Scotland. Which is 170 km. And 220 km from Norway.
To be on the safe side, we start our measurements on a Friday afternoon in the Tallinn bus station. Just before dark the bus reaches Riga, the capital of Latvia, which has been dug up even worse than Tallinn. Latvian landscapes slowly sink in darkness. Almost full moon in Lithuania. It gets light again in Poland.
No stop for teeth brushing so we reach Berlin with dirty teeth. 31 degrees. We take a tram from the bus station and a few sizzling streets later reach our hotel. A nap. Pizza. Beer. The hotel has a lovely garden where grow lady’s mantle, cranesbill, wild strawberry and many species of grasses

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