next 25 km

The night is surprisingly warm.
It rains every now and then but it stops by the time we get up. The grass is wet so I make my feet wet again when I go fetching water.
Most of the beauty today is on the ground. Astonishing amount of flowers, some new to me. Oystercatchers lament our presence. It seems like the same birds all the time although it is more likely that we get passed on like a baton in a relay race. There are also herring gulls and terns and we hear a lark a couple of times. Near an abandoned house I spot a wren and just before Hillswick a curlew wanders on the road.
In a bay we meet a guy at his boat. Born in Edinburgh, he now lives in Shetland. We discuss most of world matters, get some advice for the next days and continue.
In Hillswick there is the St Magnus Bay Hotel where we hope to get coffee and leave our bags while circling the peninsula. Turns out that they even have a free room. We take it.
The trail here is more popular so it is almost marked. The sheep are kept separately from tourists for some of the distance which means less risk to step in shit. Vertical layers of rock, with colorful inserts. On the tip on the peninsula there’s a tiny lighthouse and a bunch of free-standing stacks. Among others the sculpture that yesterday looked like a sailboat. It’s called the Drongs.
Nice big portions at the restaurant.
25 km today.
Northmavine trek, the start

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