Past the white round beach of Hillswick there’s another darker one.

There we separate to meet again in Tangwick. Kalle has blisters so I continue alone along the shore. Golf ground made by sheep, high red cliffs, pink round stones on the beach at Braewick.
Meeting and lunch in Tangwick. Kalle’s feet haven’t got better and terrible weather is forecasted for tomorrow. So he goes back to Braewick camp site and I join him after circling Eshaness.
Eshaness is remains of a evonian volcano with a lighthouse built by Robert Louis Stevenson’s grandfather. There are seals basking on the rocks and ringed plovers by the lighthouse. On the other side I see the place where we were supposed to camp tonight. Well...
In Braewick the tent is already up. After dinner I’m lucky to get some pictures of a curlew and some oystercatchers by the beach. The clouds are gathering and wind is picking up.
21 km today for me.

next 25 km
waiting for dry weather

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