waiting for dry weather

Wind pushes the tent downwards in the morning. Looks threatening.
Heavy pouring rain. We eat our breakfast, supporting the tent pole just in case. Looking at the tent wee bit later from the safety of the house after shower it stands like a castle. Especially compared to the one of our neighbors. We hang it to dry in the toilet and take a coffee. Meanwhile someone has stolen the sea together with the stacks. We start to worry a bit of our unguarded tent.
After another coffee, some news and lunch we start getting ready, firmly believing the Norwegian weather forecast that promises the end of rain at three.
To get back on track and schedule we now have no other option than to walk along the road to Collafirth. During the first slow ascent we get the rain in our faces so that our backs remain completely dry. Ronas Hill has disappeared together with some peninsulas further away, otherwise the landscape has survived the rain intact. Up on the hill the rain turns into drizzle and by the time we meet our originally planned trail again at some tired port, the first ray of sun can be spotted. More sun appears after a while and the hilly landscape takes on a glowing hue.
It takes some time to find a level dry spot for camping near Collafirth. When we finally find one, great care is needed to remove all the shit from under the tent. The fact that it has got wet does not make the enterprise easier. Tent happily up, thick fog comes down the mountain and a pink cloud shines over the sea. We fall asleep listening to troubled sheep and an alert curlew.
About 17 km walked today.
walking on clouds

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