Älvi island

It started with spotting a weird-looking shape on the map.
Älvi island. A tiny piece of land reachable over a narrow strip of pebbles.
Being a restricted area in Lahemaa national park it is not allowed to camp or make fire here. And visit between April 1 and July 15. Camp fire prohibition does not bother me and the tent is substituted by hammocks. Don't behave like I do especially if you tend to leave traces in nature.
Car is left in a parking spot looking place in Natturi village. We sneak to the island connection along the beach, locals suspiciously eyeing us from their yards. When asked then we intend to say that we are coming to count crocodiles.
Over to the island we lean our bags against a tree and focus on taking pictures of rocks and algae and flowers. The green algae feels like woolen fabric under my fingers. Sun sends down lovely soft light and I'm happy that we don't have to go home any time soon.
Later we set up hammocks and cook dinner and eat with a view on sunset. Bush-crickets sing us a lullaby. Mild wind from the sea. Installing ourselves in the hammocks we have a wonderful view on stars. I look at them repeatedly many times during the night, each time that I turn myself. A couple of them fall down.
Sun rises as a giant orange ball. The "bridge" is a bit submerged when we go back.
There's a nice view to the island also from Pedassaare peninsula. After taking in the view and taking a picture of a squirrel we shock local dog-walkers by swimming naked. There's such a beautiful sandy beach.
Laukasoo bog

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