cycling around Võrtsjärv

Võrtsjärv, the biggest lake which is fully inside Estonia.
Train takes us and the bikes to Viljandi where we head towards the lake. Reach it before sunset and use the nice facilities in Oiu harbor. The restaurant there should be open all year around.
We take it easy in the morning which ends up with finishing in the dark. There's a lot to see on the eastern shore of the lake. Well, less outside the season and some people think that the season ends on 1st of September. Asphalt in the beginning and nice small roads after that. A few picnic spots. The lake is not visible most of the time and we also don't see any trail marks for this trail. The GPS track is helpful but you can navigate around the lake also with just a map. The main thing is to keep the lake on your right if you're going clockwise or on your left if you're going counter-clockwise.
Some sunrise next morning at Tarvastu camp site. There are three picnic tables but we didn't see those in the dark. While making soup at Valma harbor we notice that we can just about make it to the next train so we rush off. Viljandi is now uphill and we reach the trail a moment before it starts to move.
All together there was 176,5 km of cycling: 27,8 km on the first day, 94,2 km on the second day and 54,5 km on the third day.
The trail information can be found here.
holiday week in Läätsa

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