Raudna river from start to finish

For years I've been wanting to canoe from Viljandi lake to Soomaa. Now finally.
Three days, about 66 km.
There was a lot of pushing, dragging and crawling during the first half of the river. Beavers had been very active and prepared for hikers to arrive. We were lucky to have the river full of water.
There was sunshine, there was rain and thunder. Lot of mud and pieces of trees in the canoe and between the collar. Swimming stops, picnic stops. Wild camping.
We saw some kingfishers whom I have not seen so clearly before. A lot of other birds. Herons, common cranes, ducks. Two dead beavers.
Paddling between meadow, forest and small abandoned villages.
Helping dunlin on Võilaid
a cycle trip on Saaremaa

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