skiing trip to Varessaare

Snow, finally.
A plan that has been on hold for some time – to ski from Mäetaguse over the bog to Varessaare cabin. And back.
We thought it was too cold last weekend and so missed skiing through the beautiful fairy-tale landscapes. We also skipped some piercing cold. Now it is cloudy and sombre, no snow on the trees and wet snow sticking on the skis. Pace is very slow and it takes some effort to move our legs. Especially in the forested parts that we also have to cross, aiming for a shortcut.
It is surprisingly crowded in the cabin. Two parties with 8 people each. The cabin actually has room for eight people but we all fit in. No masks are worn. Living dangerously.
Next day we take the easier option and decide to use the small forest roads. Icy but fast. It took us 6,5 hours to cover 13,4 km yesterday and only four hours to go the 14,2 km back to Mäetaguse.
Luusika nature protection area
Tähtvere forest

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