beaches of Folegandros

A donkey was in great distress in the night and either this or something else made me dream of cats, a lot of cats. There are a lot of cats here, as are donkeys.

Norwegian forecast promises better weather. Yesterday it was 24 degrees, today it it supposed to be 20 and in the following days 18-19. In the morning there are some clouds and light wind. Nice.
I convince the girl at the bakery to use yesterday's plastic bag that I have with me. She looks surprised but doesn't argue. A moment later I see a guy on the roof evaluating a bucket in his hands and throwing it then down the hill towards the sea. Garbage is quite a problem in Greece. We'll see if my request not to change towels will be heard in the accommodation.
Today I'll have a closer look at the four beaches that I saw from far yesterday. The trail is more interesting, first a bit of paved road but then a cool canyon. And it is not hot yet.
Fira beach is small, there's a half-dilapidated house and a naked man.
Right after that is Angali beach which is accessible by car and therefore the most popular beach on the island. For start there are two people. Many eateries and even a few accommodations.
In Galifos beach there are some remains of buildings near the water and the place looks like summer camp of hippies. Flowers painted on stones and the sign that forbids camping changed into praise of camping and nudism.
Agios Nikolaus has trees, a café and lot of people. Behind the trees are tents which are inhabited by Italian people. I occupy a shadow under a tree, swim, read, eat the pies. The boat keeps bringing in more people. At some point the crowd exceeds my tolerance limit, I pack up and return to Fira beach. The naked man is gone and no replacement has arrived so I don't bother with changing clothes. While swimming I see two people coming down the trail. No-one bothers no-one, the woman does what I usually do on a beach. First takes photographs and then starts to collect stones. It gets clouded. For a while.
The towels are intact.
Amorgos' guesthouse has ideas about changing my itinerary. I don't like someone to change my itinerary but they may have a point.
Outside wind plays with the window shutters.

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