circle around the island

New breakfast place with a possibility to have a longer conversation in Greek.

It's mostly clouded and that suits well to circle the island. First there are many beaches. Mostly sandy, some pebbles, lined with orange stone formations. Pisina or pool is a hole in stone and is smaller than it looked on pictures. Gala beach that I search for some time, is also tiny. I get acquainted with Finns who are going to Paros and Santorini and complain that their vacation is only ten days. I stay for some time on Pori beach, wait for sun and swim in bright green water. Then read.
After Pori village the trail should continue on the other side of the island. Initially it does and  I have to climb over a stone fence only once. Then the path disappears into bushes and from then on I have to improvise. There's no risk of getting lost because the island is so small but some of the bushes are with thorns. For a while I see the Germans from yesterday a bit further up looking around at loss. The bushes recede and then it goes smoothly for some time until there's a stone fence supplemented with wire mesh. Climbing onto stones the mesh is about knee-high but there's no stone fence on the other side and my legs are too short for stepping over the mesh. I stand there for a moment, remember a jump from Defence League's course and land on the other side in a coniferous bush. Well then. Next fence is without the mesh. Some goats appear from the bushes to look at me. There's an imposing fence ahead and the fact that the goats are on this side with me doesn’t bode me well. Still, before falling into sea there's a loose peace of mesh in the fence and a track goes towards the road. Big herd of goats on the track and before the road some kind of house. Two big dogs, tied up and barking. Weird noise from a shack and big pink ears appear over the edge. Pigs, seem to be aggressive. Dead end behind the second dog although the access to the road should be there. I don't understand exactly where his rope is fastened or how long it is and will not go to have a closer look. Instead I try to climb over the fence here and there. Not enough stones to build a step. Damn Greek, instead building a traditional stone fence that would be comfortable to climb over they use this stupid modern mesh wire. So I trot back to the opening in the fence. The goats follow me around all this time so I attach the loose peace a bit more tight. Goats stare after me in amazement. Round the fence, climb down to the road and walk on it as an honest person when a car approaches the establishment. Contains a man who smiles and nods which means that there must be a more orthodox way of coming here.
Back in the village, I eat, drink and go to read.

to the hollow islands
Kato Koufonisi

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