Once I dreamt of going to Santorini and Milos.
Now reading about Santorini it does not feel that appealing, so I picked out from here all islands that had 'remote' or something similar in their description. To travel between archipelagos would mean keeping going back to Piraeus so it makes more sense to stay within one group. I chose Dodecanese and from there Astypalea, Symi, Tilos and Nisyros. In that order of preference.
Coordinating plans with my university schedule meant going in low season. High season ends with September and from October there will be less ferries. 'Remote' in connection with low season would of meant a 3-4 week trip. It would of had a negative effect on studying Arabic and because of transportation choices Astypalea was crossed out. The butterfly-shaped island. Transportation options also force me to Kos for a day and that has never belonged to any wishlist. But how bad can it be there in October anyway.
Finding a ticket back home was a bit of a headache. Estonia is a special place. It's complicated and expensive to get here.
For some reason this will be a trip where I take a lot of books and hope that it would rain on most days.
stopover in Norway

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