stopover in Norway

Web camera shows that it is dark and raining on Kos.
Norwegians promise that it will rain tomorrow as well but it should get light at some point. Fits me. No need to decide if I should go with the 8 AM bus to Zia mountain or not.
A friend takes me to the airport where new system forces all passengers to go through the shop. The bag will only go to Rygge (mainly differs from Brygge by the fact that it is located in Norway). My experience with cheap airlines so far has been selling back my ticket to EasyJet once.
The seats are not marked in the airplane and that creates some interesting moments. Finally a lady lands next to me and starts wrapping a giant TV out of her bag. Lot of screaming kids.
The only weapon against RyanAir seems to be Marco Polo travels (not to be confused with sunglasses). It took him three and a half years to get to Khubilai khan in China from Akko. It takes me half a day to get from Tallinn via Norway to Kos. And his travel blog had to wait all that time. Allegedly Marco Polo was illiterate but it seems weird for a merchant's son. Maybe he only had functional literacy.
We land in a village near Oslo after flying over Norwegian river-shaped lakes. I get the bag and drop the bag. Forced walk through a shop (what the ..?). Ehm, I buy a book. In addition to the pile I've brought from home. Once I have ran out of books in Greece and had to buy 'Three musketeers' in Greek. The only English option would have been Nora Roberts.
Nothing better to do with the remaining two hours than to drink beer with Marco.
Connecting flight does not arrive on time and two hours turn into four hours. I get a giant chocolate. Damn, the purpose was to support Greek economy, not the Norwegian.
Marco has already reached Pamir mountains but I'm still on hold in Rygge. There's a bit of peace and quiet in the cafe until a family arrives, some screaming kids with their parents who scream on the kids. Another family was screaming at the gate. Somehow it seems that Estonian kids scream the loudest.
Flight time comes one hour closer because they have hijacked another plane for us. And then they change the gate. Surely they are trying to leave someone behind with these attention exercises.
A second-hand security announcement in the plane and an option to sit on three seats. I manage to expand myself on two.

The airport on Kos is three times smaller than in Tallinn, with three times more people. Lot of bustle. Luggage arriving from Oslo is hidden around the corner. Arabic is spoken in the bus stop. Dark, drizzle.
Short search for Sonia's hotel in the dark city. Promised balcony is nowhere to be seen. Instead there is a slow young man who shows how to open and close the window. Seems like a family business.
Sonia sends me to Dmitris for dinner. Dmitris waits for me on the door, hand stretched out for greeting and he knows already that I'm from Estonia. I from my side already know that the rest of the customers are from France and stay in the same hotel. They have been in Greece about 38 times. Just arrived back from Nisyros and it was nice there. Nice. It was the hardest to find any information about Nisyros.
I use Greek for ordering food and it works better that Vietnamese in Vietnam.
Sonia wants me to go to Hippocrates' museum tomorrow. I don't want to go.

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