Starting from 7 o'clock someone rings the church bell after every half an hour. Then men start to sing.
When I finally look outside the sun is dubiously high. And watches show different times. Ok, they have turned the clock while I was asleep. But since no-one has turned the sun anywhere, it means that I have one hour less light. I collect my staff and go get a scooter. Can answer confidently that yes, I know how to drive. She didn’t ask if I can drive. Definitely I know how it’s supposed to be done.
Here’s traffic. And the possibility to fall into water in port. Still I reach Anagiri monastery in one piece and continue on foot from there.
Path is a bit hazy at the beginning. Whole mountain full of stones and traces of goats. On a neighbouring mountain walks a hunter and tries to direct me to the path. No doubt, he has a clear view from over there but his gesticulation from 400-500 meters away could mean anything where I am. Finally I find the ruins mentioned in trail description and the path. From then on it’s easy. Path goes down and through a pine forest. Soon the goal comes into view, Agios Emilianos monastery on a small island.
The bay before the monastery would be nice for swimming if it wasn’t full on garbage. On land and in water. Goats live in a boat. A bit of scrambling in the bush to reach the monastery but the gate turns out to be closed. It is possible to get around it stepping into the water but I spot at least three seaurchins there waiting. The book says they are numerous here. Besides, the monastery territory is occupied by a boat party who walk around in there half naked. Maybe not.
I go back a bit, hide behind a rock and go swimming from there. Watching out carefully not to step on a seaurchin. The stones are covered with some kind of moss which looks like the sponge I bought yesterday. The sponge business is an important affair here. In naval museum is a picture of a man who dived 84 meters without any equipment. To get sponge.
Together with urchins and moss swimming doesn’t last for long. I dry on a rock and communicate with a goat who clearly wants to eat my pie.
Like it was possible to guess, the way back goes uphill. Turkey towers across the sea.
In addition to traffic chaoticly moving tourists have appeared in Gialos. I manage to get to my room without running anybody over, falling into water or hitting some other vehicle.

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