Drive to Panormiti in the morning.
There is the biggest monastery of the island and it's an active one. Road there consists mainly of curves and 10% signs. Mountains of Asia float in white fog.
On the door of the monastery is a sign that only people in appropriate clothing may enter. Try to figure out if my clothes are appropriate or not. Deside that for the museum they should be okay, and don’t enter the church just in case. People are singing there nicely. A man comes and switches on lights in the museum and doesn’t chase me away. Icons from 17th-19th century, handwritten books and negroes carved out of ivory are on display.
Locals sit here and there and talk loundly. To justify my being there I take a frappé and sit in the café. With loud whistle arrives a ferry and lot of tourists in appropriate and unappropriate clothes come out of there. High time to leave.
Half way back is the path to Nanou beach. Down along a ravine, through big trees. Bird sings above, bee hums lower down. Before the beach is loud noise. Not goats. Going closer I see two turtles fighting. The smaller one rams the bigger one with it’s shell and tries to bite on the head. A third turtle whistles further on a rock. Must be a love story, better not to interfere with nature. They are not afraid of humans. If they came here to lay eggs then it should mean that they were born here about 30 years ago.
On the beach is a small chapel and a house with an old man. Old man announces that there will be no boat and asks how was the path. Path was nice and the absence of the boat doesn’t bother me. People usually come here with water taxi. Water is christal clear, some seaurchins. I move together with the approaching shadow along the beach until a Finnish yacht arrives. It’s time to start going back. Shadows are from the other side and again making photos takes a lot of time.
Give the scooter back, enough of this chair on wheels for this time.

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