rain in Hue and Ninh Binh

It rains in Hue. I buy a rain jacket.
And it's cold.
We spend a day on the Perfume river, exploring some ancient mausoleums. They look pretty scenic in the rainy haze.
Then follows my second try on the Vietnamese railway. The after-midnight train is delayed  until noon so we leave with a man who announces that he'll catch a 'car'. Only later do we realize that by 'car' he means everything with wheels under them. We end up hitchhiking on a highway in the dark and rain. The man has four big bags. Finally he manages to stop a passing bus, haggle down the price for all of us and we pile in. Jesus with a latern on his forehead guards our sleep. It is warm.
The area around Ninh Binh is supposed to look like Halong Bay on dry land. We hire bicycles and take a look around. It is indeed picturesque. We are very popular among school girls.
cycling from Dalat to Hoi An
on Han La bay

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