a walk to Múli

Pouring rain in the morning despite the weather forecast.
The road goes literally through the island. For a moment I come out of the tunnel just to enter the mountain again. Here tunnels have only one lane, opposite direction traffic has to go into the pockets.
Múli is an abandoned village in the northern part of the island. An example of unsuccessful regional politics where all of the infrastructure arrived too late. Children waited 98 for school, it was the last place on the Faroes to receive electricity and when the road was finally built then the last bunch of elderly people used it to leave. It was in about 1992.
I leave the car in Norðdepil although it is possible to drive until Múli. Just to walk. On the northern islands most of the landscape stretches towards the sky and this is not very favorable for hiking trails. Rain stops soon, only the wind wants to blow me off my feet. When five cars and one motorcycle have already been driving past me I start to wonder how abandoned this village actually is. Anyway is there a lot of fuss for an abandoned place.
Walk done, it starts to rain again. I go back to the accommodation for rain cover. Yesterday I practiced this all day long. Only once ventured out to the tourist information center to find out that the church is closed, the museum is closed and the B&B on Fugloy is closed. The season is over. The bookstore then again was open and I managed to switch the saleswoman with one sentence into Faroese. After that I didn’t understand much. Beer factory was also open. Near it the whole quarter smells like the surroundings of a packaging returning machine.

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